Artist Info

What is A Fair of the Art?

This festival was started by a professional artist with over 30 years of festival and show experience. As a result, we know how to advertise, we know how to select quality work, and we know how to treat our artists. Load-in and load-out are right in front of the building, and we have a large crew of students moving everything in and out for you. During the show we provide water, snacks, and staffed breaks for the artists. 


We continue to grow this festival every year, and if you are either an established or emerging artist we would love for you to apply to join us.


Established artists are over 18 and/or no longer high school or middle school students. Booth fees for established artists are $60 for a 5 x 10,  $100 for a 10 x 10, and $140 for a 10 X 15. Some booths have electricity available at no charge.

Emerging artists are high school or middle school students. Emerging artists are provided a space with a 6 x 3 table and two chairs for a $10 booth fee. All artists are responsible for their own displays.

We are waiving all application fees for new and returning artists. So get together your hi-res images and start planning your set-up! We hope to see you soon.

Emerging Artists FAQ

There are no stupid questions...

  • How old do I have to be to participate? The emerging artist category is primarily targeting high school students, but ambitious, creative middle school students will be considered. Note: If you are a middle-schooler you will need to run your booth and make your sales yourself!


  • Can artists share a table? Yes! You may share a table with another emerging artist (student 18 or younger--no adults please). The application fee is per table, not per person.

  • Can my parent help me out? Your parent can sit with you to help you, but you should talk to the people interested in your work and do the sales yourself.

  • I do many different things. Can I sell more than one kind of work at my table? Yes. Emerging artists can sell a variety of work. Please send two photos showing a representation of the work you want to sell so we can promote you.

  • How many drawings or paintings do I need? If you only have a few drawings or paintings and you want to have more work to sell, you can always sell prints of your paintings or drawings. Prints can be limited edition—you write the number of the print and the total number of prints made for that picture on the bottom of each print. E.g., you have a painting you want to make prints of. You decide you’ll only make 25 prints of it so you write the number on the bottom of each print: 1/25, 2/25, 3/25, etc. If you do a limited edition print you can only make that many prints of it. If you just want to do prints, and not limited edition prints, you can make as many prints as you would like and you don’t number them.

  • What else can I make besides prints of my work? Notecards printed from scans of your work can be printed at home on your printer, and it’s common to sell them in sets. Maybe you have four flower pictures and you print them on notecards and sell them in a pack of 12—three of each picture. Blank notecards for printing can be purchased at Michael’s or online. Amazon sells them for Prime delivery here.

  • How do I price my work? This is a hard question for every artist. Your goal is to sell it for a price you can be happy with, your customer's goal is to buy it for a price that makes them feel good about it. Don't sell your work for too little! Undervaluing your creativity and ability is the most common failure of artists when they start selling their work.Original work sells for the most, then limited edition prints, then prints and notecards.

  • If I do drawings or paintings, do I need to frame them? You can sell drawings and paintings unframed and unmatted, but it more professional to frame them. You can find inexpensive frames at the dollar store in 8X12 size, at Michael’s, Joanne’s, Hobby Lobby, and on-line.

  • How do I display my work? You can display your work flat on a table, on an easel, or hanging from a vertical board behind your table. Your table will be uncovered so it’s a good idea to bring an inexpensive table cloth—white or patterned depending on the look you want for your display.

  • Do I need to put my name on my table? Should I have business cards or artist cards? We will provide a sign with your name(s) on your table. Business cards are good if you want people to be able to contact you about getting more work. Artist cards are good for including with your work so people giving it as a gift can share information about you with the recipient.

  • My question isn't answered here, what do I do? Use the contact form on our Home page!